Custom Colored Curly Hair

Custom Colored Curly Hair

$100.00 USD

Bundle Length
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Ever try creating your own look but can't really describe how you want your hair to look? Well no worries you can select you favorite origin and style and we will do the rest!!  Upload a picture of you how you want your hair to be colored and we will dye the hair to match.

Our curly hair is the tightest curl pattern we sell this pattern is achieved by starting with the most luxurious bundles of ultra-thick cuticle hair locking in this pattern with professional-grade perming agents that enables you to straighten, style, wash and bounce right back to the original curl. Use of a matching closure is also advised as natural blending can be difficult.
This is a professional grade product and requires a high-level of maintenance such as wearing a bonnet at night and brushing only while wet. This hair should be thoroughly conditioned once per week.

*You will need at least two-three bundles to complete your entire head and for lengths over 20 inches we recommend using 3 bundles or more, Lengths Over 24"inch we recommend using 4 bundles or more, and Lengths Over 28'Inches we recommend 5 Bundles or more.